Graz (Austria)

The cost of the tour includes: car rental, guide services, payment of parking lots and roads. Meals and entrance fees to museums and attractions are at the expense of the tourist.
You can order a tour from any city in Slovenia. Therefore, its value is calculated individually. The length of the city tour is, on average, 1.5-2 hours, but the guide is present all day.
For those who want to visit Austria, visiting the sights of the city of Graz in south-eastern Austria will be the most memorable trip.
Graz is the capital of Styria and is the second most populous city after Vienna. It has many historical sites, magnificent baroque architecture of buildings. This is the cultural, educational and scientific center of Europe.
Graz is located on the River Mure, in 200 km to south-west from Vienna, close to the border with Slovenia and in 50 km from the Slovenian Maribor.
Weather in Sunny Graz will please any discerning tourist.
The name “Graz” comes from the Slovenian word “gradec”, which means a small castle, as the Slovenes in ancient times built a small fortress here.
The city impresses with an abundance of medieval buildings in the style of the Italian Renaissance. A lot of secret courtyards and narrow streets fascinates with its beauty. The main attractions of Graz are the main square – Hauptplatz, the town hall (late 19th century), the historic Luegg house (17th century), the Gothic Franciscan church (Franziskanerkirche), the Herrengasse pedestrian zone with its many beautiful old mansions, including the beautiful scenic house ( Gemaltes Haus) with frescoes of the 18th century, Schlossberg (“Castle Hill”) with a stunning view of the old town and many others.
Undoubtedly, you will get aesthetic pleasure from the excursion of this ancient city.