Ljubljana / Lake Bled

The cost of the tour includes: car rental, guide services, payment of parking lots and roads. Meals and entrance fees to museums and attractions are at the expense of the tourist.
You can order a tour from any city in Slovenia. Therefore, its value is calculated individually. The length of the city tour is, on average, 1.5-2 hours, but the guide is present all day.
A visit to Ljubljana and Lake Bled will bring you warm memories and emotions after the trip. The architectural sights of Ljubljana are complemented in this journey by the beauties and landscapes of Lake Bled. Bring your bathing suits with you in order not only to see, but also to swim in the purest emerald waters of the unique Slovenian lake.
The heart of Slovenia is the unique Ljubljana – a city with beautiful architecture, ancient history, museums, parks and cathedrals.
There is something to see and admire!
The project for the construction of Ljubljana was designed by renowned architect Joje Plecnik. Thanks to him, the city has become the pearl of world architecture! Quite a lot of buildings in the art nouveau style in Ljubljana are the works of architect Max Fabiani.
It is worth to see Prescherna Square, Old Town and Ljubljana Castle, to enjoy nature in Tivoli Park, to visit the Ursula Holy Trinity Church and the Cathedral of St. Nicholas. The city has many museums with interesting and informative exhibits. To feel the local flavor you need to visit the city central market.
The journey continues with a visit to the emerald fairytale lake Bled. Bled is the Emerald Pearl of Slovenia.
The lake pleases tourists with its beauty in winter and summer. In winter, in the vicinity of the lake, you can go skiing, take a swim in the summer, go boating, fish, just walk around the lake and enjoy nature.
The maximum temperature of the water in the lake is 26 degrees, the maximum depth of the lake is 30.6 m, the area of the lake is 144 hectares, the height above sea level is 500 m.
The lake is surrounded by wooded mountains. The unusual color of the water – greenish-turquoise surprises and pleases. On the rocky ledge towers the castle. In the middle of the lake there is an island with a church and a bell tower. A melodic chime of a bell is heard over the lake. It is believed that the bell in the church on the island fulfills the desire of everyone who calls it.
The lake with the purest water, which reflects the mountains, is included in the list of the best alpine resorts. You will be fascinated by the fabulous beauty of this place surrounded by mountains and nature. Calm and measured, active rest and fresh air conquer.