Ljubljana / Shopping

The cost of the tour includes: car rental, guide services, payment of parking lots and roads. Meals and entrance fees to museums and attractions are at the expense of the tourist.
You can order a tour from any city in Slovenia. Therefore, its value is calculated individually. The length of the city tour is, on average, 1.5-2 hours, but the guide is present all day.
For those who enjoy shopping, enjoy a tour of the malls, shops and souvenir shops in Ljubljana.
The most popular tourist destinations in Ljubljana are the Nama shopping center, the Tkanina Multi-brand store, the Borovo store, the Mercato grocery store, the Pogacarjev trg square, the Rustika souvenir store, the Mandarina Duck specialty store, the Ljubljana department store Emporium, the Chocolate store Cukrček sweets.
To shop at the mall can afford not everyone. On the eve of big holidays, a tent with children’s toys, souvenirs and popular sweets is always set up near the shopping center.
Shopping center Nama is the best choice for buying new men’s and women’s clothing. Basically, the shopping center is focused on wealthy customers, here is one of the largest shopping malls Guess in the city. The price level in designer stores and luxury boutiques is quite high, but for budget tourists there are suitable stores.
Multi-brand store Tkanina is one of the most expensive and exquisite shopping pavilions. Here you can buy men’s and women’s clothes (a lot of things of the brand Gerry Weber).
Beautiful and comfortable fashion shoes of local production can be bought in Borovo store. Here shoes are presented for all tastes and different income levels. Reasonable prices and quality will please you. But exclusive shoes are also presented here.
In the grocery store Mercato, located on one of the main streets, they sell the most popular products. Expensive salads, soft drinks and fresh pastries will delight you. A huge selection of locally produced cheese and deli meats will be a gourmet find.
On Pogacarjev trg Square is the largest grocery market in the city. A large and diverse selection of products at affordable prices, delicious fruits from local farms in the summer, natural honey and a variety of tinctures – all this can be purchased as delicious gifts for loved ones.
In Ljubljana, there are many souvenir shops. But in the store Rustika, the largest in the city, you can find souvenirs that are not in other retail stores and shops. Here you can buy carved handmade boxes. There are quite a lot of traditional classical souvenirs: beautiful postcards with views of the city, magnets, artistic pictures for only 2 euros.
In the specialized store Mandarina Duck sell bags and suitcases. Prices for handbags and suitcases are quite high from 100 euros. But there are also discounts on products that reach 40%.
The most prestigious Ljubljana department store, Emporium, is located in a beautiful historic building. In its walls are boutiques and trade pavilions of the most famous world brands. For those who want to buy luxury designer outfits and accessories, jewelry and perfumes.
In the store Chocolate store Cukrček, lovers of sweets can buy sweets and chocolates of all sorts.