Logarska Valley

The cost of the tour includes: car rental, guide services, payment of parking lots and roads. Meals and entrance fees to museums and attractions are at the expense of the tourist.
You can order a tour from any city in Slovenia. Therefore, its value is calculated individually. The length of the city tour is, on average, 1.5-2 hours, but the guide is present all day.
For lovers of pristine nature and beauty, a small trip to Logarskaya Valley will truly be breathtaking!
Logarska Valley is one of the Slovenian reserves. Beauty, which is not described in words, you should only see for yourself, because it is one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Europe. The primeval beauty of the valley is surrounded and guarded by the Slovenian two-thousand-high mountains of the Kamniczko-Savinsky Alps: Krofichka (2083 m), Oistrita (2350 m), Lučka baba (2244 m), Planjava (2394 m), Brana (2252 m), Turska Gora (2251 m), Mrzla Mountain 2203m)
Throughout the length of the Logar Valley for almost 7 kilometers there is a walking / cycling route. The valley ends with a hollow and Okresel mountain, where the Rinka Falls gracefully falls from a height of 90 meters. This waterfall is not the only one in the Logar Valley, but the most famous.
In the valley itself there are many local farms, which make up the unique flavor of this area and organically fit into the local natural landscape. Only in Logarskaya Valley you can see wooden storerooms on farms, where local farmers stored grain and food. Some of these storerooms are used as intended today.
Against the backdrop of the indescribable beauty of nature and the landscape of the Logar Valley, commercials are often shot by various global companies.
In 1987, Logarskaya Valley received the status of a nature reserve, and in 1992, local residents were able to manage the reserve.