Vein (Austria)

The cost of the tour includes: car rental, guide services, payment of parking lots and roads. Meals and entrance fees to museums and attractions are at the expense of the tourist.
You can order a tour from any city in Slovenia. Therefore, its value is calculated individually. The length of the city tour is, on average, 1.5-2 hours, but the guide is present all day.
The majestic and brilliant Vienna will delight with its beauty and mystery.
The cultural capital of Europe shines with spacious imperial squares, magnificent palaces, museums filled with masterpieces of art.
It is impossible not to fall in love with her!
This trip will help to feel the spirit of medieval brilliant Europe.
For all tourists with different tastes and preferences there will be a lot of interesting here: for gourmets – wonders of culinary art and restaurants, for fashionistas – boutiques and shops, for art lovers – theaters, operas, exhibitions and museums.
The city in which Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Strauss lived and worked indeed fascinate!
The capital of Austria is famous for coffee and desserts – the famous Sosher cake, strudel, salzburger nockerln.
Vienna is a city with a rich history, the capital of the once mighty empire. Here you can see the magnificent historical buildings and cultural monuments. But especially Vienna is famous for its museums, theaters and art galleries.
The main attractions of Vienna are: Hofburg – a huge magnificent palace, which was the winter residence of the Habsburgs, a huge palace square – Heldenplatz (Heroes’ Square), the Cathedral of St. Stephen (Stefand) (1147), Church of Sts. Carla – a masterpiece of Baroque (1715), Anchor (anchor) on the oldest square in Vienna “Hoher Markt”, Belvedere – one of the most beautiful palace complexes of the Austrian capital, Koltsev boulevard – the main avenue of Vienna, the National Theater (Burgtheater), the Vienna Opera, Prater – the most popular entertainment fair of the capital, Bluthgasse – the area of narrow winding streets, medieval and baroque buildings, Scottish monastery – Benedictine monastery and many other churches, Parliament – a monumental building of the late 19th century.
Undoubtedly, Vienna is striking in its wealth and beauty. It is worth to visit it at least once and enjoy the beauty and splendor of old Europe!