Wine Road Primorsk

Connoisseurs of good wine will appreciate and will be delighted with this tour!
Slovenia has 14 wine-growing regions and more than 250 producers of excellent and inexpensive wine. In terms of quality, Slovenian wines are not inferior to world producers – the leaders of winemaking in France, Italy and Spain. In Slovenia, about 80-100 million liters of wine are produced per year. And Slovenia, by right, can be called the princess of winemaking! All producers are united in 3 wine roads: Mariborskoe Pohorje, – Brda Goriška and Vipava (Primorskaya wine road). Goriska Brda and Vipavska Valley are the most famous vineyards in Slovenia, which produce excellent red and white wines.
We will visit the producers of the wonderful Slovenian wine along the Seaside Wine Road. And, of course, will try the most popular Slovenian wines: Teran, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Muscat.
During the guided tour of the wine, you can not only try, but also buy the brands you like at an affordable price.
The average cost of tasting is 15 Euro. From 3 to 5 varieties of wine at the tasting.
If you want to finish the evening in Slovenian style, then do not forget in addition to a bottle of Teran buy excellent quality perchut!